Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 GSD - As Know As De Base - White

Happy New Year!
Time for my first post of 2013, and it's another 1481010 watch.

The Independent 1481010s were released by Citizen watches in the late 90s and were marketed as a brand for the young and fashionable. More information about the range can be found in the 1481010 overview page (link).

Because of this, they regularly collaborated with Japanese fashion brands like with today's watch.
This watch is a collaboration from 1998 between Citizen and 'AS KNOW AS de base'. This is one of five related brands all with the 'AS KNOW AS' prefix (including one for dog accessories). The AS KNOW AS company was started in Japan in 1989 by two people who like to remain anonymous. The AS KNOW AS de base range is the original line of clothes and offers street style clothing with high quality and attention to detail.

The watch itself is a standard LED watch from their G.S.D (Graphic Sparkle Display) range. It is a 3.5 digit LED panel in 2 colours (hours in green, and minutes in red) which has a shimmering sparkle effect when activated. The time shows for a few seconds followed by an animated flashing pattern depending on the hour. It has a D400 module powered by a CR2032 battery, and works with 2 buttons - one to show time, and the other to start the animation (and an inset adjust button too).

It looks like the standard watches in this design, but has the text AS KNOW AS DE BASE above the LEDs. It also has 'spruce up' written on the strap, and the brand name written in script type font on the battery cover.

The full model number is D400-L17131

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