Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Adidas SF-100 Limited Edition

Through my collection, there are so many different styles of watch. I've managed to cover from the cheap fashion watches, through the vintage electronic watches, to limited edition models like today.

Today's watch is by the sports giant Adidas, and is one of their high-tech LCD models. This is a limited edition version of the SF100 (or SF-100) sports watch, and has an additional model number of 10-0173 on the back. The limited edition model was released in 2002 to commemorate the (football) World Cup in Japan and Korea. I haven't seen this on many Western sites, so it may have been mainly a Far East release, with only 2002 units produced (but maybe 2002 in each of a variety of different colours).

The watch has a round LCD panel with a dot matrix array, except for the bottom line which is in traditional LCD digits. The dot matrix is used for most of the display modes to give time, the mode description, and/or the mode itself. The modes this model has are Chronograph (with a lap recall mode CH-RC), timer, sports timer (with graphics to show time elapsed/remaining), and alarm (x6 including an option to set whether it is a daily alarm on on a specific day). There is also a dual time mode and an el-backlight. The Adidas button on the front isn't to active the light as I'd expected (as that is the top left), but changes the display from the usual large time display to showing the Adidas 3 stripe logo with the time on the normal digits below. Time is set by holding the light button until a message appears, with the mode button cycling through the options, and the top right and middle Adidas button taking the numbers back and forward.

The case is made of plastic, and has a colour matched rubbery plastic strap which follows the lines of the case.

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