Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Black Dice Switched BD-034 Limited Edition

Today marks the 1000th watch (or more correctly, timepiece) on my blog!!! The watch I chose is something flashy and noticeable, and according to the back, one of the more limited edition watches in my collection.

The watch in question is the Switched by Black Dice Industries, and has the model number BD-034.

Black Dice Industries is a London based brand which started in 2005. Their starting aim was to revolutionise the concept of luxury fashion timepieces, and their designs incorporate elements of fashion, music, and urban lifestyle. The brand prides itself on quality using high spec materials and custom electronics where necessary.

The Switched model was released in the late 00s (around 2008), and so is one of the earlier models in the Black Dice Industries range. The back states that this is a limited edition release with a total of 100 pieces only (although this came in 4 colours so the total for the overall design is more like 400).

It is an ana-digi model with a large 3 hand analogue dial in the centre, and a subtle inverse LCD display making up the face of the dial. The LCD part is a 2 line dot matrix with one line above the centre and one below, and it is here that the other functions reside. The top line shows day and date, and gives text information while cycling through the modes. The bottom line is normally the time display with up to 6 equally sized digits. The modes included in the watch are chronograph (with lap memory), alarm, and timer, and there is an el-backlight. At a button press, you can also switch to show a dual time option.

The watch has a large and heavy duty gold (anodized?) stainless steel case which is square/octagonal in shape. The gold steel bracelet strap is custom made for the case and is also large and weighty, giving the watch a robust and well made feel.

The back gives the model number and limited edition number as well as the brand name and logo. It also reveals that this is an all stainless steel watch with a Japanese movement and is 50m water resistant.

The specific model number of this colour variant is BD-034-3 and is seems to have cost around £165 when it was originally released.

So that is it for my 1000th timepiece post. It's been an interesting journey so far, and I'm sure I've got many more interesting watches to find!

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  1. Congrats...a real passion.kasper