Thursday, 2 October 2014

Future Digital MV2034

Today's watch gives me a dilemma as it has told me that one of my earlier posts isn't quite correct.

The watch is called Future Digital, or just Future with Digital being the model description. It is the second watch I've published from Future after the Future Electronvolt which I covered in late August. As with the Electronvolt, this watch has been Produced by Time Reverse. Unfortunately, the phrase Time Reverse is too generic for web browsing, and searching for the phrase "Produced by Time Reverse" only links to my blog, so I haven't found any more information on them.

Now, eagle-eyed readers with good memories may have noticed the issue from the post title - the model number (or what I though was a model number). The number on the back of the watch says MV 2034, but that is the same number as the Future Electronvolt, and the designs are quite different! This suggests to me that the model number isn't really correct and the numbering possibly doesn't mean anything, which is a shame. The only thing may be that if all Future watches have the same, but different lines of watches by Time Reverse have different numbers...

The watch itself is a small (women's?) rotating disc design watch. It has an oval case and the combination of that and the design of the metal strap (but not the face) reminds me of one of the Alba AKA designs (the V743 I blogged in May). In this design, the hours and minutes discs are shown to the left of the centre, but the seconds are on the other side.

The watch doesn't have any more information on, just showing the name, producer, and the misleading 'model' number.

As the watch this looks like was from the late 90s (same as for the Electronvolt), I'm still thinking that these were late 90s or early 2000s watches, but they could be more modern.

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