Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Diesel DZ7069 LCD watch

Today's watch is by Diesel, and although it is very different from yesterday's watch, it can also be hard to read at a glance (although for different reasons).

The watch is the DZ7069 by Diesel, and is one of their retro inspired LCD models.

Diesel was formed in 1978 by Italian design entrepreneur Renzo Rosso and are best known for their denim and casual wear. They work to have products with passion, individuality, and self expression, and their watches range from the retro style, through to innovative multi dial designs. Diesel is part of a holding called Only The Brave which also has controlling stakes in other clothes companies. The back of the watch has the Only The Brave logo of a man's head in profile with a mohawk hairstyle, which I'd previously (mistakenly) thought was a Diesel range.

The watch has a rectangular metal case which slopes away on the top and bottom (with the Diesel name on the bottom slope). The back states this is stainless steel, and the watch has a 5 bar /165 foot water resistance. In the centre is an inverse LCD display behind a dark glass, and is made in a way that you need to get it in the right light to read the time at a glance, but there is an el-backlight to help. The display is split into 4 sections with metal lines - 3 rows, with the bottom line split in two. The top row is the most detailed and shows either day and date, or the text description of the mode which is about to be selected. The middle row is for the time and has the largest digits, while the bottom segments cover seconds (right) and any status info such as alarm or chime (left). The design is completed with a wide black leather strap which fits into slots in the watch body and is held in place with screws.

Mode-wise, the watch has alarm and chronograph modes, and also has a dual time option. There were a lot of links online about problems working out how to set the time on this model - this is done by holding the top left button until there is a message saying "light on/off". The mode button (bottom left) then cycles through the things to set, with the right buttons scrolling through the numbers/options, and the process is finished by pressing the top left button again.

The watch has an rrp of around £100, but is a discontinued model. I haven't found the release date for the watch, but I'd guess it is a 2000s model.

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