Thursday, 9 October 2014

Storm Thunder Glow

Yesterday, I had a watch who's name wasn't so appropriate for the weather, but as there is rain and the forecast for thunderstorms today, this one is better named.

The watch is called the Thunder Glow by the watch brand Storm of London. The Storm watches have featured heavily on my blog before (this is number 19 here) and were the watch which started my collection. Storm started in 1989 and is now sold in over 45 countries. They have a vision to keep pushing boundaries to give exciting designs.

The Thunder Glow is from 1994, and has a typical look and feel of the 90s Storm watches. It has a slightly shiny steel case, and matching strap. The strap of these models was very distinctive to Storm with the first section being a solid curved section with a raised line down the middle with a concave line down each side, and the flexible links having a squared Y shape. On the back of the strap is a the Storm reg. no. of 2016064.

This model has a 3 hand dial design under a domed glass. The face is yellow (but I've seen blue ones too) with raised shapes for the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. The shapes are a circle (12), triangles (3 and 9), and a rectangle (6) and all appear to slope down to be the least raised towards the centre (although this could be an optical illusion from the curve of the glass). Inside is a Japanese quartz movement.

The back of the watch has the model number, and with its screw on cover it has 50m water resistance.

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