Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Planet Design EA142 Jewel LCD

Today's watch has one of the most unusual looking LCD panels I've come across, and it is on a low price watch.

This is another of the Planet Design watches by Emit Co., Ltd from Japan. The brand has been shipped outside of Japan by Tokyoflash, and is sold in Japan in most of the main sales sites. The Planet Design range is made to be a modern take on retro designs, but today's example has a much more modern look.

This model is the EA142 and is a plastic case LCD design. The really unusual part is the design of the LCD which is unlike anything I've seen before. When nothing is displayed, the LCD panel is completely mirrored, with no indication of any digits. The digits are a series of dots, but when you look closely, they appear to be jewels with each dot containing many different reflective faces like a cut diamond. This optical illusion is very effective, making it look like jewels (or rhinestones as the adverts state) keep appearing and disappearing. I've tried to get this on a photo, but it was much harder than I thought.

Apart from the LCD panel, the watch is a normal LCD design with time, date, and seconds displays. The watch has a plastic case and matching plastic strap.

It comes in 5 colours, and this pink model is the EA142-03. The sale price is ¥2,100

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