Monday, 6 October 2014

Exklu 03-643BF

Time for another mysterious Japanese fashion watch today, and it's one with an unusual name.

The watch seems to be by, or from a line of watches called Exklu, which I'm guessing comes from the word exclusive (in some language which uses a K rather than a C). Some sales sites link the name with the name Elite watches, so this may be the overall company (which isn't mentioned on the watch itself), or it may just be that they think the watches are in an elite class.

The watch has a small square dot matrix style inverse LCD display which is spread over 3 lines (hours, minutes, and a small line for seconds). There is also a set of day markers (in English) down the left side of the LCD. There isn't a button to cycle through the modes, but instead, holding the different buttons displays a different thing. There isn't much explanation for the modes, so I think that it has date, dual time, and alarm, and there is an el-backlight too.

The case is a white painted metal design, and has a matching white rubbery strap. The back is stainless steel, and has the model number which is 03-643BF.

The Exklu brand are still sold, suggesting it is a newer make, but the few links to the sale of this model don't exist anymore. One link does have a date of early 2011, and makes me think this is from the end of the 00s.

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