Monday, 27 October 2014

Casio AD-732 Ana-Digi

It's not often that there is a watch by a brand as large as Casio which seems to be missing from the internet, but today I'm wearing one.

This model is the AD-732 by Casio, and the only link I've found online is to one single online auction. I can't even see any other models in the range with the only other Casio AD- models I found being for keyboards. The watch uses a 789 module, which is also missing from the archive of Casio manuals online, and there is no reference of this module online either. On this basis, I'm guessing that it may be a very rare and unusual model.

The main part of the watch is the analogue display which is a 3 hand dial design. The unusual feature is that there are 5 small LCD windows at the bottom of the dial - 3 round and 2 rectangular. The centre round window is a small LCD dial, and the rectangular windows have items such as the pm marker and fill and empty with the seconds. The remaining 2 small round LCD windows show the modes in use, with the options of time, timer, alarm, and dual time. Modes are switched and used by the two buttons on the case at the 4 and 8 o'clock positions.

The design is like a standard smart sports/divers watch with the watch having a purple rotating bezel with minute markers. The face is in light blue with an unusual design of hour marker at the 3, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. The case is stainless steel with a screw on back and 20 bar water resistance. On the back, it also has the Marlin symbol, but this is the leaping Marlin rather than the swimming Marlin design. The leaping Marlin was used on some of the Casio divers watches (of which I blogged the MD-730 in April) and it isn't the same as the models usually associated with the Casio Marlin range.

Due to the lack of online info, it may suggest a 90s model, but that is just a guess because of the lack of concrete information.

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