Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cross Luna Ellipse WFZ22

Time for watch 1001 and my third Cross watch for the blog.

This model seems to be called the Luna Ellipse, but I've only been able to get that from a couple of auction posts rather than it being on the watch itself, so I can't be 100% certain.

It is made by Cross as part of their watch range. Cross are better known for their writing implements which is what they produced first when the company was started in 1846. I first came across the brand because of their pens as I received one as a high school graduation present. They started with watches in 1997 with a limited release, before expanding the next years.

This watch has the model number WFZ22 and is an analogue dial watch. It has a 2+1 hand arrangement with hours and minutes on the main dial and seconds on a separate dial at the 6 o'clock position. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement which runs on either an AG1 or AG4 battery (but I can't quite remember which it was).

The case is stainless steel and has an elliptical shape in the vertical position (and has a water resistance rating of 100ft). To me, the shape and the grooves in the metal case makes it look like an eye when you turn the watch on its side, with the seconds dial being the pupil. The strap is custom fitted for the case in a rubbery material, but has two green translucent stripes down each part.

I don't have information on the watch's date, but I think it is likely early 2000s (maybe late 90s).

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