Friday, 3 October 2014

Red BA321

Now this is my second watch by Red, I'm coming to the conclusion that they are a brand for if you want large (and inexpensive) watches.

From its size, this watch looks very impressive. It spans the whole width of my wrist and has a large important looking shiny turquoise button on the side. The reality is that is is just being a show-off, as the button doesn't actually do anything (-you can press it in, but nothing happens). The same goes for the other smaller black button, leaving the watch to just be a large 3 hand dial design.

It has a large metal case which is black metal, but painted with a thin black rubbery layer. This makes it match nicely with the black rubber strap. The numbers on the dial have an interesting effect in that is some light they look a shiny black, but when the light hits them right, they are shiny turquoise to match the hands and button. It has the Red logo on the face which is the word red across the front of 3 horizontal lines, and this has the same colour effect as the numbers. The bottom line of the logo on this model also says "made in New York", but I'm still convinced that this is not actually true.

The back shows this model has a model number of BA321, but not much more. I still think this is a modern fashion watch line, and my guess is that it is from after 2010.

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