Friday, 17 October 2014

Nixon The Widgi

Today's watch has me back with the American brand Nixon for the 11th time.

This model is called the Widgi and is one of the Nixon LCD watches. The design has a motto (just like the normal Nixon) of "In style and on time". Unusually, this only appears on the box rather than the watch, but that is more due to how the watch is constructed. The Widgi has a round polycarbonate case to house the LCD, and this sits inside a silicone shell. The silicone shell is a one piece unit incorporating protection for the case as well as the straps. The silicone also covers the back of the watch, which is why there is no writing on the watch itself.

For the time, the Widgi has a round LCD display with dot matrix digits. The dots also fit in with the round theme as they are also round rather than the normal square pixel shape. The display has two lines with the time across the centre (in 3 1/2 digits) with the seconds and mode markers below. The watches buttons are hidden by the shell, but there are 4 buttons which cover for the modes (alarm, timer, and chronograph) as well as the el-backlight.

I'm sat on a bus writing this, and have concluded the watch has a low battery as pressing the light has caused my watch to malfunction. As I don't have any repair tools, I hope this can be fixed before I take photos for this post later today.

The Widgi has a model number of AO34 and came in a range of different colours, with this being the all orange model. It isn't a current model, and by the dates of some reviews, it came out in 2010 or a little before for an rrp of $80.

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