Saturday, 11 October 2014

Maryland Robot Clock

Today's timepiece isn't a watch, but another of my clocks.
Actually, it's also one of my robot timepieces as it's a little robot clock.
The robot design has a solid body, head, and legs, with swinging arms. It is far less flexible than the Tokima or Kronoform designs, but is more like the DiP:U watch I posted last year. The watch is a normal looking 3 hand dial design with a black face and gold hands. The crown runs through the robots head and is part of the design, being a red bulb on top of its head (similar looking to the silver bulbs making the eyes). The case (or bezel as the back plate calls it) is a base metal, but with a stainless back.
On the dial is the name Maryland. I've tried finding about the brand, but it isn't a well known make. It seems that there is a robotics centre in Maryland, which is nothing to do with the clock, but is the closest connection I could find.
As I can't find the history of the brand or watch, I haven't worked out the date, but based on the aging of the metal case, I think it may well be 90s.

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