Monday, 20 October 2014

Timex woven strap watch

I get asked quite often how I manage to decide which watch to wear for the day. There are different things I take into consideration, mainly which have a working battery and haven't been blogged yet, but sometimes it is based on what I've chosen to wear.

Today's choice was just that I'd happened to pick up a brown top this morning and it caught my eye as the first brown watch I saw.

The watch is by Timex and will have been made by one of the companies within the Dutch Timex Group (normally the Timex Group USA). The roots of the company started in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, and eventually morphed into Timex in 1950 (the x being used to mean eXpertise).

This model is a mystery 3 hand dial design watch with a date window at the 3 o'clock position. The look would fit nicely in their Expedition range, but there is no mention of a range or a model number on the watch. The face is quite plain and easy to read, but the main hour markers are the afternoon numbers (from 13 to 24) with the 1 to 12 in small digits on an inner circle. It has a gold coloured rotating bezel with the compass points on, and this is free rotating smoothly which is a little unusual as most I've found to have a rather mechanism and can only turn one way. The strap is brown leather and has a woven or platted style design with the sections looking like they fasten through a loop in the next section.

The back has the usual information about materials (stainless steel back), water resistance (25m), and place of assembly (Philippines), and also says it uses a Timex LA cell battery.

For the date, this is definitely a guess due to the lack of identifying information on the watch. From the style, my guess would be early 90s, as that would fit with similar looks from the other major manufacturers, but it could be a lot newer.

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