Saturday, 4 October 2014

Tomica Hero Rescue Fire - Fire 4

Today, I chose a kids watch from another Japanese TV series.

The watch is a promotional item for the series Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire, which is a sequel to the series Rescue Force, and ran from 2009 to early 2010. The series is a Japanese Tokusatsu series, which is the style better known for the Power Rangers or Ultraman. The Rescue Fire series is based on the Tomica die-cast toy car line which has been produced by Takara Tomy since the 1950s. The easiest follows a branch of the United Fire Defence Agency (UDFA) who are saving people from Super-Fire which has been created by demons.

This particular model is for Fire 4, who is a black clad member of the UDFA called Tsubasa Aoi. He has studied in America before joining the team and has a strong rivalry with one of the other team members (spoiler: who he also has feelings for). The watch has the team logo on the front cover, and lifting the lid reveals the face which features a picture of Fire 4 as well as the digital display. The strap has the name of the series and Fire 4 printed on it, as well as some red flames.

The watch is the typical 4 digit LCD, with just the time, date, and seconds modes. The back shows it has copyright to TR2/TVA - D, and the watch is made in China. The back also mentions T-Arts which may be the watch maker.

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