Saturday, 18 October 2014

Boy London BOY-31-W - 5 Star Boy

Today, I'm blogging another of the mystery BOY-31-W watches by the Boy London brand.

Boy London is a fashion brand which was started in the 70s by Stephanie Raynor and is based in Kings Road in London. Many different designs of watches have been released with the name Boy London, but I don't know if they are all truly by the brand.

The BOY-31-W watches are 3 hand dial designs which seem to come in a variety of designs and case styles, and often have slightly different backs too. Previously, I'd said they had a similar case style, but I've now got some that goes against that thought.

The case on this model is similar to the one I posted in August, but the raised Boy London name around the bezel is in the bottom right (not the bottom left). The strap is in a common Boy London style, with the first part (next to the body) being coloured and with the brand name and totem pole style (or Egyptian) eagle pressed into the leather, and the rest being black leather with a Boy buckle.

There are many different face designs on the watches, and this one is a dark blue and light green design. The face has the word boy in fancy lettering along with 5 stars, the Eagle, and a Union Jack. Because of the writing, only some of the hour markers have numbers.

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  1. Do you know what Miyota movement is fitted in the 31 and 21?