Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Metro Philadelpha Digital Quartz

Today's choice of watch is another by the Metro brand.

Metro seem to be a mystery fashion brand which is popular in Japan (with a lot of people bidding on the auctions, often with quite high end prices). Despite this, there is not much online about the brand itself. From what I've seen, they normally make large watches in LED (dot matrix) or with quartz dial/disc movements, and many are named after American cities or towns.

This model is called Philadelpha (not Philadelphia) and is of a rotating disc design, but with an unusual layout. Time is read through 3 windows spread around the face rather than being aligned like the usual disc watches. The hours are read from the top left window, minutes on the top right, and seconds at the bottom. The display windows are very small compared to the overall case size giving the watch a very unusual look. Inside, the watch is run by a Japanese quartz movement. On the face it describes the watch as "Heavy Duty Design Equipment"  and "Digital Quartz". The Metro name and Crown logo are on bottom left of the face. There is text on the back of the watch, but it says exactly the same as the text on the face. The strap is a wide black leather design with a shiny textured surface.

Looking online, it seems that this watch has a model number of WW036, and one Rakuten seller shows the watch having an original rrp of ¥12,000 (but they had been selling them new for 1/3 of that price). It also showed that the watch came in 6 colour variations (black/black, steel/red (limited edition), steel/silver, gold/olive green, gold/blue (limited edition), and rose gold/black). I also liked the shops description which says something along the lines of that you need to get into the habit of reading it, but you'll grow to love it even though the display is hard to read.

What I found online suggests that this is a modern watch, but the heavy discounting and that it is out of stock suggest that it could be a late 2000s model.

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