Monday, 13 October 2014

EleeNo Graph BL Round

Today's watch is a dial watch which I will struggle to read at a glance, even though it's similar to another model I own.

As you might expect for a difficult to read dial watch, this is another by the EleeNo brand. The EleeNo watches specialise in what they call hand-less time, meaning that the watches show what time it is without using hands in the regular way. The brand is part of the SeaHope family of watches, who are a good start if you want an unusual Japanese watch (and they are linked to Tokyoflash for the overseas distribution).

This model is one I've not been able to find the model number of. It has the same style of display as the ART005 BL TF version, but that is square while this is round. The hand style and case shape is also the same as the ART014 Graph, but the face is a little different.

This design has a round face with two windows for reading parts of the time. In the top half there is a triangular window taking up the middle third which has a faint blue surround, while the bottom half is fully open and has a faint red surround. Down the middle of the face is a black line with the time markers on either side, hours on the top half and minutes on the bottom half. To read the time, you look at where the hands (actually leaf shapes on a rotating clear disc) cross the line, with the colours of the hands corresponding to the window which you use. Either side of the centre line in the bottom window are two pairs of other lines with markers on. It seems that these cover the other minutes so that when the line meets a marker on one of these, it shows the minute (as the centre line only covers 5 minutes increments accurately).

The ART014 come out in the late 2000s, and so I would reckon that this is also a 2000s model.

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