Sunday, 12 October 2014

Planet Design SA172

Today is the 5th Planet Design watch to have featured on my blog.

The Planet Design brand is a modern design watch brand from Japan. They have been sold on the Tokyoflash and SeaHope sites, and some reports that the brand is commissioned by Tokyoflash themselves (although I've not been able to confirm that). The main retailer now is Emit Co. Ltd. ( who are the manufacturer and have other models with the same style model number which aren't Planet Design watches. Their site states that the Planet Design range of watches are made to be a modern take on retro designs.

This model is the SA172 (or SA-172) and is not available anymore. It is one of the most normal looking Planet Design watches I have, and is a ladies/children's size 3 hand dial design. It has a round silver face with round silver blobs for the hour markers. Where the face slopes up to meet the glass there are minute/seconds markers on the 5s with numbers on the 15s, and the last quarter has three markers per minute (although the seconds hand only turns with one beat per second). The watch has a shiny metal strap which matches the case and is made of stainless steel.

The back has the Planet Design logo and model number, and shows that the watch has a Japanese movement and is assembled in China.

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