Sunday, 19 October 2014

Omron PQ10 Pendant LCD

As I wasn't going out and about today, I decided I'd cover one of the more unusual styles of timepiece that was released.

This is a pendant watch, and is designed to hang around your neck on a chain. It wasn't the most practical design as an analogue watch, but when they made LCD versions, you also had to make sure you turned it the right way to read the time.

This LCD pendant is by a Japanese company called Omron. There isn't much online about the brand with regards to their watches, but there is an Omron company who produces electronic devices (such as blood pressure monitors) who I'd guess is the right one.

The model is called the PQ10 and is a rectangular LCD pendant which measures about 1cm by 2.5cm. On the face is a small 3 1/2 digit LCD display which only shows the time. The buttons for setting the time are inside holes in the back and need a pin to be able to operate. Inside is a large module which uses an AG3 battery.

The style is quite simple with a silver case with grooves along the length, and a red surround to the LCD.

Both the style and the type of timepiece makes this seem to be an 80s model, but that is just my opinion (as I can't find anything on the watch or online to confirm it).

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