Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Deep Rotating Disc 5766 NW

Today's watch is one that either makes a piece fall into place in my watch investigations, or just confuses things further.

The watch is by a Japanese fashion brand called Deep, who I've covered on my blog previously. The produce many different designs and appear to be quite popular in Japan, but their origins are a bit of a mystery (as with many Japanese fashion brands).

The design here is also one which will have been seen before by regular readers. It is a 3 dial rotating disc design with only a thin rectangular face with the strap mounted on the front (making it look thinner than it really is). Inside is a Japanese quartz movement with the discs rotating rather than being a true jump hour.

The back has the Deep brand name, as well as the model number which doesn't follow the normal DT- numbering and is 5766 NW. This is where it gets confusing as the number 5766 is also linked with this same design in the Deadman watch line (as this has a model number of GV5766). This made me think that there are a few possible reasons including: 1) both Deep and Deadman are brands under the same main company (in parallel, or one later than the other), 2) both Deep and Deadman commission watches from the same manufacturer who has this model number for the design, or 3) one brand has copied the other, and ended up copying the number too (with Deadman seeming to be earlier in time). I can't work out which one of those options it may be, so I'll keep investigating!

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