Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Swatch Raincoat GK372

It's time for another of my old Swatch watches today, but as it is sunny today, the name wasn't so appropriate.

The Swatch model is called the Raincoat and is from 2002 (with the design copyright to 2001). It is part of the gents Originals range and so is a 3 hand dial design with a plastic case. This one has a silver face and a transparent case with a blue/green strap. On the face are the hour numbers in a clean black font, but there are some of the 24hr hours marked as well on the sides (numbers 14 to 16, and 20 to 22). The strap is also unusual as it has a clear plastic first section with a hoop on the end where the blue/green strap is connected. Looking online, the strap was originally more blue than my one shows, and I guess it discolours to be more green with age.

The model number for this watch is GK372

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